Bornevia Customer Service Training Handbook

Customer Service Training Handbook

Learn how to train and prepare your customer service team to deliver amazing customer satisfaction and attract more customers.

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Our team at Bornevia believes that great customer service is the key to grow your business further. It's simple, great customer experience = more sales through word-of-mouth.

Ever since we started in 2014, we've been training, advising, and providing our clients with the best customer service tools and resources. In this opportunity, we'd like to summarise what we've learned and shared them with you!

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The free e-book will teach you about

Bornevia Importance and Characteristics of Great Customer Service

Importance and characteristics of great customer service.

Bornevia The Basic Skills and Mindset For Better Customer Service

The basic skills and mindset for better customer service.

Bornevia Communication Techniques for Customer Service, Adapting Tones Across Various Channels

Communication techniques for customer service. Adapting tones across various channels.

Bornevia Best Practices, from Building Customer-First Culture, to Onboarding New Employees

Best practices. From building customer-first culture, to onboarding new employees.