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Bornevia is packed with all the tools that will make customer support more enjoyable and efficient.

Ticket assignment

Delegate support ticket to another agent in your team.

Private note with mention

Leave note and notify another team member by mentioning their username.

Email tracking

Get notified when customer has read your reply.


Group and label similar tickets together by adding hashtags.

Canned responses

Anticipate what your customers may ask and prepare pre-written responses.

API Integration

Developer tool that connects our platform to your internal systems through REST API.

Multiple team inboxes

Work seamlessly across departments.

Business hours

Apply your company business hours for more accurate reporting


Send autoresponder anytime when customer reaches you. By default it's turned on when outside business hours.

Email notification

Receive email notification when you're not online.

Inline image

Drag-and-drop inline image within the email text editor just like you do it in gmail.

Real-time notification log

See the most recent history of actions done by the whole team.

Average resolution time

Always get updated on how long in average support tickets resolved

Individual metrics

Keep track of each team member's performance

Download report

Extract analytics data easily to csv or pdf easily

Bulk action

Do multiple actions such as ticket assignment, closing ticket, or hashtag addition at once.

Top hashtags

See what issues are currently trending.

Filter report by hashtags

Filter the analytics result based on hashtags

Smart rules

Set rules that automate anything from ticket assignment to labeling based on ticket's subject (email), content, sender and more.

Ticket folder

Track ticket statuses easily and create your own set of custom folder based on specific conditions

Team folder

You can set your own custom time-based rules that will move all tickets under those conditions to certain folders.

"It's really easy to get our team onboard using Bornevia to deliver personal support to our users, a luxury we can't have when using a more complicated email helpdesk."

Laras Sekar

"Bornevia shares the same culture as our company, which is simplicity. It is reflected on the product, that is sleek and easy to use."

David Ogden

"We switched to Bornevia recently and it's been a breath of fresh air for our entire support team. Not to mention the amazing support from Bornevia team itself. "

Ryan Gondokusumo

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