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The easiest way to handle email and social media enquiries for customer support, sales, or any team
Unlimited conversation tickets Unlimited team inboxes Unlimited users (startup plan) Co-founders email support17 days Business Class Plan free trial. No credit card required.
Help your customers, vendors, or business relations together, collaborate behind the scenes, and always know what your team is doing.All incoming email and social media messages get synced inside the team inbox as request enquiries and given trackable attributes such as ticket ID numbers and statuses.Inside team inboxes you can group channels based on teams/departments through easy drag-and-drop interface. Conversation tickets can be transferred to other team inbox and tracked.Assign a ticket to someone who can response in your team. This way you have more information on who is responsible for particular case.Communicate with your team inside the conversation thread. You can mention a team member by typing ‘@’ followed by their username.By adding labels/tags into tickets, you get better idea on recent developments of trending topics/cases in your teams. Label is searchable and archivable also.Make sure that your team never miss their targets on closing ticket conversations and get bigger picture on oeverall team performance on customer/business relationship matters through our analytics platform and reports.Setting up ticket distribution workflows for your teams can’t be simpler. This feature also makes it easy to filter out spams and focus on important tickets.Keep your customers close, and teams closer
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