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Bornevia - Zendesk

Bornevia is a simpler alternative to Zendesk. Get more comparison info
below on why you should consider using Bornevia instead of more
complicated helpdesk software.

Bornevia is for Businesses That Welcome Simplicity

Over-complicated, bloated helpdesk solution can harm your productivity.
We've taken out all the distracting features you don't need from our product. Bornevia is a helpdesk
that's much easier to use and navigate, just like your favorite email client.

Bornevia Ticket

Canned responses

Simple answer templates you can use to respond faster to common customer questions.

Case categorisation

Categorise all conversations to make it easy to search or learn about trending topics.

Privates notes

Leave private notes in-between conversations with customers to collaborate behind the scene.

Manage your shared inboxes in one place

You can connect all your support@, sales@, info@, contact@, etc email addresses to Bornevia. Later on, you can then manage them in anyway you like

All users and team inboxes have different privacy settings and access levels.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place
Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place

Team inbox for easy email collaboration

Think of Bornevia as an email inbox that is made for teams, not individuals. You can receive all your customers' emails as usual in Bornevia, and in addition you can easily add your team member to work with you.

Delegate tasks, collaborate in-between conversations, easily keep track of conversations' statuses, and respond as a team.

Looks personal to your customers

It's email all over again your customers. No logins, no ticket numbers, or any other regular helpdesk stuff. Your customer will simply receive your email when you reply.

It looks more personal to your customers, since they won't even know that you're using a customer support helpdesk behind the scene.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place

More affordable

Evidently for small business, a helpdesk software should be as economical as possible in the long run. There's no point in spending more than you need to.

Costing you only $10 per user per month, Bornevia is truly one affordable option. On top of that our pricing also makes it easier for you to scale support as your business continues to grow. For a clearer picture, find out how much money you can save on the pricing comparison table.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place
Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place

It's a perfect fit for small business

Free of all the complexities of Zendesk. Bornevia's seamless and easy-to-use system allows you to focus on what really matters for your small business: your customers. No need to bother yourself with corporate level features you never use, as all the tools we offer are optimized to surely benefit you.

Additionally our team is also ready to provide you with full hands-on support every time you encounter any issues. We'll go the extra mile to help you out.

Quicker employees onboarding

There's nothing worse than having to spend months to learn a product that's supposed to help you. It;s inefficient, and honestly isn't really worth the time.

This is where Bornevia comes in, presenting you a quick-to-setup solution that would sure help to get your team onboard in no time. For your less technical member, there's nothing to worry as our simplicity, guaranteed, would ease them to quickly adapt. It feels and looks just like email client.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place