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Bornevia - Email

Bornevia team inbox is a more collaborative approach on using email. It's an alternative
you should consider when sharing multiple email inboxes with your team.

It's Just Like Your Email Client on Steroids

Email is a great tool for personal use. It is however not a suitable tool for customer support.
Sooner or later you'll more help to manage your support inboxes and as a team, you'd
want to keep everyone on the same page, be more organised, and respond faster as a team.

Bornevia Ticket

Canned responses

Simple answer templates you can use to respond faster to common customer questions.

Case categorisation

Categorise all conversations to make it easy to search or learn about trending topics.

Privates notes

Leave private notes in-between conversations with customers to collaborate behind the scene.

Manage your shared inboxes in one place

You can connect all your support@, sales@, info@, contact@, etc email addresses to Bornevia. Later on, you can then manage them in anyway you like

All users and team inboxes have different privacy settings and access levels.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place
Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place

Team inbox for easy email collaboration

Think of Bornevia as an email inbox that is made for teams, not individuals. You can receive all your customers' emails as usual in Bornevia, and in addition you can easily add your team member to work with you.

Delegate tasks, collaborate in-between conversations, easily keep track of conversations' statuses, and respond as a team.

Looks personal to your customers

It's email all over again your customers. No logins, no ticket numbers, or any other regular helpdesk stuff. Your customer will simply receive your email when you reply.

It looks more personal to your customers, since they won't even know that you're using a customer support helpdesk behind the scene.

Bornevia All Customer Service Conversations in One Place