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The most customer-centric brands are already using Bornevia

For companies who care about digital customer experience

  • Multi-channel inbox
  • Case management
  • Hashtag
  • Social signatures & DM
  • Answer templates
  • Smart contacts
  • Reporting

Multi-channel inbox

Integrate all your customer support channels into one inbox. Track and respond to conversations across various channels like e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and Live Chat in one unified inbox.

Case Management

Manage conversations smoothly. Assign support tickets by delegating them to your team members to avoid confusion and maximize efficiency.


Grouping tickets done conveniently. Categorize similar tickets by adding hashtags for easy grouping.

Social Signatures & DM

Easily let your customer switches between public tweet and private message on Twitter conversation. You can also add your signature on every outgoing tweet and Facebook comment response.

Answer templates

Simplify your work. Respond to frequently asked questions using canned responses that you have prepared beforehand.

Smart contacts

Learn about your customers better. Get in-depth information about your customers by discovering their presence in social media.


Insightful data to boost performance. Keep track of your team’s performance with data that can help you identify their strengths and weaknesses.